2015   Brandman University-Chapman University System, Art 4 Healing Certificate Program. Laguna Hills, Ca. 
2000-03   MFA, San Diego State University, San Diego, CA.
1996-98   Bachelors of Arts in Applied Arts and Science, San Diego State University, Magna Cum Laude.
1993-96   Grossmont College, El Cajon, California.
1989-91   University of New Hampshire, Durham, New Hampshire
1987-88   Ceramic Teaching Degree, Duke’s School of Clay and Fine Arts, Charleston, South Carolina.
1987   Adult literacy tutor training, Laubach Literacy International
1987   SDSU, Human Factors in Project Management
1986   Managing a Successful Assembly Line, Society of Manufacturing Engineers
1985   Effective Managerial Skills Training, Buck Knives Inc.
1985   ITS, Associates Degree in Specialized Technology, (Drafting and Design)
1978-81   Jackson Community College, Drafting Certificate, Jackson, Michigan.

Teaching and Related Experience

2015   Los Colinas Prison, Drawing Trauma with Line, Visiting Artist, Santee, Ca.                      
2014   Crawford High School, San Diego Cultural Arts Alliance, Visiting Artist, Self Portraiture and Murals. 
2013-Present   San Diego Cultural Arts Alliance, Director of Arts Education,
2005-10   Mesa College, Adjunct Faculty, Beginning, and Intermediate and Advanced Ceramics, Ceramics: Emphasis in Women Studies, Glaze            Calculation, Three Dimensional Design.
2008   Miramar College, Adjunct Faculty, Contemporary Crafts.
2004-08   Grossmont College, Adjunct Faculty, Art Portfolio for Ceramic Students, Ceramic Issues Development, Clay and Glaze Technology, Beginning Ceramics.
2005   Southwestern College, Adjunct Faculty, Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced Ceramics, History of Ceramic Art.
2003-04   San Diego State University, Adjunct Faculty, Art Appreciation: Intro to Art
2001   San Diego State University, Graduate Teaching Associate, Two Dimensional Design.
1997-99   San Diego State University, Ceramics Department Technician.
1998-99   Grossmont High School District, El Capitan High School, Art Technician.
1996-97   San Diego State University, Fibers Department Technician.
1990-91   Engineering Technician, Soil Conservation Service USDA, Revised and digitized New Hampshire Soils Manual. 
1987-88   Duke’s School of Clay and Fine Art, Ceramic Sculpture.
1987   Laubach Literacy Program, Adult Literacy Tutor.
1983-87   Engineering Technician: Tooling and Product Designer at Buck Knives Inc. Technical Education for New Equipment or Process.
1979-81   Layout Designer at John Crowley Inc. Wrote Training Manual for new hire layout designers.
1978-79   East Jackson High School, Gymnastic Coach. 

Solo Exhibitions

2002   show and tell, Everette G Jackson Gallery, San Diego, Ca.

Invitational Exhibitions

2015-16   Beauty: The Hidden Story, Encinitas Civic Arts Program, Community Center, Encinitas, California.
2015   Date Night, TARP Reform, Friends Collective, Helmuth Project, PoderesUnidos, A ship in the Woods, Space 4 Art, SPF 15, UAG, and Untitled Space, Horton Plaza, San Diego.
2015   Art San Diego 2015, Art Lab, Feminist Image Group, San Diego.
2015   Women at War, Feminist Image Group (FIG), Hyde Gallery, Grossmont College,  El Cajon.
2014   Jars, Feminist Image Group (FIG), Art Produce Gallery, San Diego.
2014   The Fence/La Barda, Feminist Image Group (FIG), in Collaboration withTijuana’s Distrito Diez Gallery, Art Produce Gallery, San Diego.
2014   Storyteller Pyro Sync’d, Burning Man, Ryan Ellis and Linda Litteral, Black Rock City, Nevada. 
2014   Spectrum, Raw Artists, Curator, Brittany Guarino, House of Blues, San Diego.
2013   Art Prize, Elizabeth Hertl, Curator, Cathedral Square Exhibition Center, Grand Rapids, Michigan.
2013   Allied Craftsmen Today, Curators Jackie Hwang, Christine Knoke, Rob Sidner and Jerry Maloney,  Mingei International Museum, 
2013   Gift, Feminist Image Group, Curator, Allessandra Moctozuma, San Diego Mesa College Art Gallery, San Diego, Ca.
2012 Officially Unofficial, ArtPrize, Curator, Ron Pederson, Aquinas College, Cathedral Square Exhibition Center, Grand Rapids, Michigan.
2011   Working With Clay, Sierra Mesa Library, San Diego, California.
2011    Toy Art International, Museu Brasileira De Escultura, (The Brazil Museum of Culture), Sao Paulo, Brazil
2010    Works on Paper, Fort Worth Community Arts Center, Fort Worth, Texas.
2010    ArtPrize, Curator, Ron Pederson, Aquinas College, Cathedral Square - Exhibition Center, Grand Rapids, Michigan.
2010    Material Matters: Selected Works by Members of Allied Craftsmen, Curator, Olivea Luther, California Center for the Arts, Escondido Museum, Escondido, California.
2010    The Self Portrait Project, Curator: Steven Peterman, The Brooklyn Art Library, Brooklyn, New York.
2010    The Teapot Show, JRB Gallery, Curators, Barbara Broadwell and Charleen Weidell, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.    
2009    The Canvas Project, Curator, The Art House Co-op, Atlanta Airport, Atlanta, Georgia.
2008    Global Positioning/ China, Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute, Jingdzhen, China.
2008    Contemporary Craft, JRB Gallery, Curators, Barbara Broadwell and Charleen Weidell, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
2006    San Diego Design: New work from Allied Craftsmen, Curator, Beth Smith, Oceanside Museum of Art, Oceanside, Ca.
2006    Southwestern Clay, Southfair, Curator, Judith Nicolaidis, Del Mar, Ca.    
2005    Home Sweet Home, San Diego International Airport and San Diego Repertory Theatre, Curator, Terri Hughes.

Selected Exhibitions, Juried

2016     Resonance, Sparks Gallery, Juror: Sonya Sparks, San Diego.
2015     Open Studios San Diego Exhibition, The Studio Door, San Diego.
2015     Les Quatre Grandes Dames, Dolphin and Hawk Fine Art Gallery, La Jolla, Ca.
2015     50 to Watch, Curators: Stephen C Wagner, Arc Gallery and Studios, Patti Brady, Golden Artist Colors. The Studio Door, San Diego.
2015     Dan Kramer, Curator: Vincent Bodie, Tourquoise Cellars, San Diego.
2013     Some Things in the Heart Is Never Lost: Do Art Daily, Juror: Anna Stump, San Diego Space 4 Art, San Diego.
2012     Dissecting Color Theory, Juror, Nicole Dupont, Undiscovered gallery,  Coronado, Ca. 
2010     The Healing Power of Art, Juror, Joanie San Chirico, Manhattan Arts  International, New York, New York.
2010     Allied Craftsmen of San Diego, Juror, Mark-Elliot Lugo, Mission Valley Branch  Library, San Diego, California.
2010     Porcelains & Celadons, Juror, Kevin A. Meyers, the Myers Gallery, Santa Ana, California.
2009     Diversity in Clay, American Museum of Ceramic Art, Juror, William Shinn, Pomona, Ca.
2008     Viewpoint: Ceramics 2008, Hyde Gallery, Juror, Richard Burkett, Grossmont College, El Cajon, CA.
2008     Ceramic Objects/Conceptual Material, Anne Kittrell Gallery, Juror, John Perreault, Crafting Content Ceramic Symposium, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Ar.
2007     The Allied Craftsmen of San Diego Juried Exhibit 2007, Trios Gallery, Solona Beach, Ca.        
2007     Reclaiming Our Voices, The Exit Gallery, Juror, Brooke Tummel, Montana State University, Boseman, Mt.
2006     Seventeenth Annual California Clay Competition, Juror, Patti Warashina, The Artery, Davis, Ca.
2004     Viewpoint Ceramics, Juror, Leslie Ferrin, Hyde Gallery, El Cajon, Ca.
2003     NCECA National Exhibition, R.B. Stevenson Gallery, San Diego, Ca.
2003     NCECA” Grossmont College, Curator, Les Lawrence, El Cajon, Ca
2002     From Stoneware to Porcelain, National Ceramics Fine Art Show, Juror, Howard Constantino, Art and Cultural Center, Fallbrook, Ca.
2001     Dysfunctional, National Contemporary Ceramic Show, Juror – Marty Ray, Business of Art Center, Manitou Springs, Co. Recognition Award
1999-00   California Contemporary Craft, Biennial Exhibition, Jurors, Dextra Frankel, Patrick Ela, Carole Austin, Laguna Art Museum, Laguna Ca. (Catalog)
2000    Ceramics Exhibition, Flor y Canto Gallery, Jurors, Richard Burkett and Joanne Hayakawa, San Diego State University, San Diego, Ca.
1994-96   Annual Student Exhibition, Hyde Gallery, Photography, Painting, Drawing, and Ceramics. Jurors. Professors


2011   Artists For Japan Relief, University Art Gallery, SDSU School of Art, Design,  & Art History and The American Red Cross. 
2010   Curiosity: Seasoned to Perfection, Art Auction, Escondido Center for the Arts, Escondido, Ca.
2006-15   Empty Bowls,  Silent Auction, Coronado High School, participate yearly.
2003   Fundraiser, Grossmont College Art Council, El Cajon, Ca. 

Selected Exhibitions

2010    Faculty Exhibition, Mesa College, Mesa Gallery, San Diego,CA.
2008    Faculty Exhibition, Grossmont College, Hyde Gallery, El Cajon, Ca.
2008    Faculty Exhibition, Mesa College, Mesa Gallery, San Deigo.
2007    Faculty Exhibition, Grossmont College, Hyde Gallery, El Cajon.
2006    Faculty Exhibition, Grossmont College, Hyde Gallery, El Cajon.
2005    Allied Craftsmen, Palomar College, Boehm Gallery, San Marcos, CA.
2005    Faculty Exhibition, Soutwestern College, Chula Vista, CA.
2005    Faculty Exhibition, Grossmont College, Hyde Gallery, El Cajon.
2004    Allied Craftsmen: New Work, UCSD, Grove Gallery, La Jolla, Ca.
2004    Faculty Exhibition, Grossmont College, Hyde Gallery, El Cajon.
2003    Graduate Alumni SDSU NCECA, Town and Country Convention Center, San Diego.
2003    Graduate Alumni Grossmont College NCECA, Town and Country Convention Center, San Diego.
2001    Altared State, Flor y Canto Gallery, San Diego State University.
2001    Graduate Review Exhibition, Everette G Jackson Gallery, San Diego.
2000    Graduate Review Exhibition, Everette G Jackson Gallery, San Diego.
1999 -01   Student Exhibition, Yuma Art Conference, Yuma, Arizona
1992    The Art of Healing II, National Invitational, Lake Shore Hospital, Manchester, New Hampshire
1990    The Art of Healing I, National Invitational, Forum Court, Dover, New Hampshire.
1990    Annual Student Exhibition, University of New Hampshire, Dover, New Hampshire
1989-91   Member Exhibitions, York Fine Art Gallery, York, Me.
1988    North and South Carolina Ceramic Invitational, Charlotte Convention Center, Charlotte, North Carolina.


2014    Portrait of a Community, Crawford High School, Visiting Artist: Linda Litteral, Teacher: Bryan Black, 5’x112’ ,  Retaining Wall, 51st St.  San Diego, California.
2002    Summer Days, 10’x12’, Barn Mural, Jackson, Michigan.


2015    Bathroom, custom handmade tile mural, Jackson, Mi. 
2009    Bathroom, custom handmade tile mural, Santee, Ca.
2006    Kitchen, custom handmade tile mural, Santee.
2004    Patio, custom handmade tile countertops, Santee.
2003    Retaining wall, custom handmade tile mural, outdoors, Santee.
2002    Summer Days, barn mural, Jackson, Mi.
1999     Outdoor patio counters, custom handmade tile surface. San Diego
1997    Outdoor work bench, custom handmade tile surface. San Diego


2013-Present   Mingei International Museum, Balboa Park, San Diego, California.
2011-12   San Diego Museum of Fine Art, Balboa Park.
2010   Escondido Museum of Art, Escondido, California.
2008-Present   Tryyn Gallery, Guatay, California.
2007-09   Oceanside Museum of Art, Oceanside, California. 
2005-07   CASD Gallery, (Ceramic Artists of San Diego)
1988-89   East Bay Gallery, Charleston, South Carolina

Selected Reviews, Catalogs, and Books

2015      "50 To Watch: Highlighting San Diego Visual Artists ," Presented by The Studio Door, North Park, Ca.
2014     “International Contemporary Artists”, Curator, Julie Adison, I.C.A. Publishers, Athens, Greece.
2013     "Allied Craftsmen Today," Mingei International Museum, Produced by Allied Craftsmen, San Diego, Ca.
2011     "International Dictionary of Artists", Despina Tunberg-Biannopoulou, World Wide Art Books, Santa Barbara, Ca. 
2010    "ARTPRIZE: Unexpected Art at Church", Joseph Becherer, The Grand Rapids Press, Friday, October1, 2010.
2008    “Crafting Content”, J. William Fulbright College of Arts & Sciences, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas.
2007    “Trios Gallery Hosts Allied Craftsmen Exhibition”, Patricia Morris Buckley, North County Times, November 1, 2007.
2007    “China Paint and Overglaze” by Paul Lewing, The American Ceramics Society, Westerville, Ohio.
2002    “Refining (and Redefining) Fine Art”, Marsha Manna, San Diego Union Tribune, September 12, 2002
2001    “Artbreak Improbable Pottery”, Dave Rootes, Colorado Springs Independent, June 28, 2001.
1999    “California Contemporary Craft”, Dextra Frankel, Laguna Art Museum, Laguna, California


2008    Critical Ceramics, Letter from China, Linda Litteral


2009    Sculpture Symposium, Residency, Gyorgy Bronze Foundry, Ogens, Switzerland
2005    Teaching Excellence Award: Adjunct of the Year, Grossmont College
2003    Artist in Residence, Grossmont College
2001    Ecuador Travel Grant, San Diego State University
2001    “Dysfunctional” Recognition Award
1999    Scholarship, Nottingham Center for the Arts, Peter King Workshop
1997    Scholarship, San Diego Weavers Guild
1995    Photography Workshop Scholarship, Museum of Photographic Art
1991    Certificate of Appreciation, US Department of Agriculture

Presentations and Workshops

2014     House Building Workshop, Art Produce, San Diego, Ca.
2014     Portrait of a Community, Mega Conference, San Diego County Art Education Association, Balboa Park, Mingei International Museum, San Diego, Ca.
2009    A Woman Artist Influenced by Women Artists, Women's History Month, Mesa College, San Diego, Ca.
2008    Figurative Work in Ceramics, Coronado High  School
2006    Photographing your Artwork, CASD, San Diego, Ca.
2001    Slide presentation, Ecuador Workshops, San Diego State University
2001    Ceramic hand building workshop, Coronado High School
2001    Work and Influences presentation, Universidad Nationale, Quito, Ecuador
2000    Panel presentation, Women and Self-Portraiture, San Diego State University
1999    Glaze Workshop, El Capitan High School
1998    Throwing and Glazing Workshop, Navy Wives Club, USS Pogy SSN

Professional Affiliations

2012 - 2015             San Diego Cultural Arts Alliance, Graffiti Education and Mural Arts Program, Advisory Board, Director of Art Education.
2012 - Present        Toastmasters International, Santee, California.
2012 - Present        Feminist Image Group, San Diego, Juried Membership, "FIG".
2011 - Present        Space 4 Art, Juried Membership, gallery and studio space, San Diego.
2005 – Present       American Museum of Ceramic Art, “AMOCA”
2005 – Present       Clay Artists of San Diego, “CASD” 
2005 – 07                 Clay Artists of San Diego, Board of Directors
2004 – Present        Allied Craftsmen, San Diego, Juried Membership
2002 – Present        Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, Ill. 
2001 – Present        National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington DC.
1996 – Present        National Council for Ceramic Education “NCECA”


Bob Calland
Denise D. Johnson
Kirstin Young
Marilee Hong
Museu Brasilerio da Escultura, Brazil
Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute, China
San Diego State University: PSFA
San Diego State University: Art Department
Patricia Alksne
Sherry and Dan Mckim
Andrea Schmidt
Eric Rempe    
Ben Aubert
Suzanne Schmidt